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DIY Online Conveyancing Service (N.S.W., QLD & VIC)

  • QuickLaw Australia's award winning, Lawyer developed and approved online DIY Conveyancing service.
  • Are you buying or selling property in New South Wales, Queensland or Victoria?
  • QuickLaw allows you to complete your property purchase or sale from A-Z mostly from the comfort of your own PC.
  • Why waste money on expensive solicitors if you can do it yourself?
  • Our service gives you a cheap way to do your own conveyancing properly!

Get Your DIY Conveyancing Service 

Quicklaw DIY Conveyancing Kit

*Suitable for one conveyance:

sale or purchase of residential house/vacant land/unit or townhouse in NSW, Qld & Vic*.


$139.00 incl GST

e-Conveyancing news

The introduction of e-Conveyancing does not effect the ability of the DIY user to do their own conveyancing.

Banks & Mortgage Brokers may try and persuade you to use a Solicitor or Conveyancer. They may reason to say it will be cheaper for you in the long run, this is untrue.

Your legal right to do your own conveyancing has not changed.

Solicitors or Conveyancers do not have to use the e-Conveyancing program, but this may change for them in time.

Legislation has included manual lodgement & settlement procedures.

VICTORIA 1st December, 2015 UPDATE

Now DIY users will have their identity verified under the Verification of Identity (VOI), the Transfer also needs to be witnessed at the same time by the Australia Post Officer, but this is limited to purchasers who are not taking out a mortgage and a vendor who is self-acting.

The governing body The Australian Registrars National Electronic Conveyancing Council (ARNECC) have introduced Version 3 for (VOI). Victoria has now adopted this version for paper transactions and DIY users.

The Version 3 also restricts,  Power of Attorneys (VOI), these can only be verified by the Legal Profession.

You should write and speak to your State and Federal members of Parliament as (ARNECC) will take away your legal right to do your own conveyancing. Then everyone will be stuck with a duopoly, and your legal right to do your own conveyancing will be taken away forever.

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Everything you need to complete a legal purchase/sale of residential property


Exclusive interactive online process builds most forms & letters


DIY is cheaper, could save you up to $1,000 on legal fees


Upgrade to Solicitor service any time through QuickLaw Conveyancing and get 100% credit on purchase


available if required for small additional fee    


24 hours access

256 bit encryption

Our low-cost conveyancing service is an online DIY solution for the conveyance of properties located throughout New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. This includes conveyancing requirements for Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne.


Very Good

All new to me , enjoying the task,Real estate agent and sellers solicitor are intimidating.Action Plan is wonderful.

Enjoyed the course, real estate agent was a horror, never trust them.We will be selling in 4 years and will use Quick Law again, also for our Will. Thank you for all your help. Maree.

July 2016   N.S.W. Customer

Very Good, excellent service - always made contact with a human when needed. process was made almost enjoyable. saved enough to celebrate heartily.   Rob.

June 2016    QLD Customer    Self employed


Thank you, 3rd time used this service. Very professional, will recommend to others.


May 2016   N.S.W. Customer    Professional

Thank you for your excellent conveyancing kit, helping us save our hard earned savings for other uses and meeting solicitors on their own turf. Anybody with basic education can follow and complete this kit for themselves giving them a great sense of achievement and satisfaction, not to mention saving around $1000!

(PS) There are some updates that need to be looked at as some information given has changed and is now obsolete. Well done, 2nd time we've used your service! Thanks again, Regards,   P & M.

N.S.W. Customer     June 2015


It is difficult to provide for every circumstance I realise. I was thrown out when the purchaser's conveyancer returned the contract with the purchaser's signature on a poorly photocopied front page attached to the original rather than on the original. They also attached another copy of the same requisitions on title rather than using those already in the contract. I did not find out why. Also, my transfer doc was not stamp duty paid at settlement. You do mention this but it would be better before the section where the transfer form is shown so that it can be seen as another alternative.  Denis

 November 2015  N.S.W. Customer   Trade

Thank you for this fantastic website, as a seller it is great to have quick resource in understanding what each step is. I will definitely give your website the thumbs up to my friends!!

January 2014 - Fiona.  QLD Conveyancing customer

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Very Good

Comments:  Great package helpful and easy to follow. I used the urgent stamping service and found the personnel were very helpful, professional and went over and above what was required to assist us.   Kerry

November 2014   QLD Customer


Very Good

Comments:  It was clear and easy to use. Emails were answered efficiently re technical issues etc. Although its a lot of work, it was a valuable learning experience using a well crafted programme for DIY conveyancing.


November 2014   N.S.W. Customer    Professional

I sometimes had to go back some steps for things I missed which could have been highlighted, but it was all there. One final slip up was the buyer's conveyancer wanting to send me a cheque for residue of council rates and then withdrawing it at the last minute. I got conflicting information from the council at settlement which then caused me some further confusion ...

November 2013 - P.N.  Sydney Conveyancing customer

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I would like to express that the Quicklaw program and associated support was the best information and service I was provided with through the whole process. It was the first involvement I had with the process of purchasing a home and even being involved in IT, I found resources available ...

L. Lewis  Web Developer Conveyancing customer May 2013

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This is the second time I have purchased the online conveyancing pack and I am really happy with how easy it is to do my own conveyancing!! QuickLaw explains each step very clearly and all the instructions are simple to follow. What's best is I don't have to waste my money on expensive conveyancers!

Thank you QuickLaw!

August 2012 - Kate M., Brisbane Conveyancing customer

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I found the service to be very informative and supportive.

However, it was the Public Service who let me down. Maybe the government cuts have made this service to the public ever worse than they were before. The Office of State Revenue in Qld  can no longer be attended in person. All documents have to be submitted electronically or by post. I sent my documents by Express Australia Post two weeks before settlement was to take place and they lost my documents. Nevertheless, your service has been fine.   Gloria

October 2012   QLD Customer


Very Good

Thanks for making the conveyance process an easy one with your step by step procedures and forms. The sellers solicitor even commented how smoothly the process went as he normally has issues with self acting clients.


December 2012  QLD Customer   Professional