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Up to $1000 on a conveyance

  • EASY - Exclusive interactive on-line process
  • LEGAL - Everything you need to complete a legal purchase/sale of Torrens Title property
  • ASSISTANCE - Free unlimited program support
  • GUARANTEED - Upgrade to Full Solicitor Service at anytime

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If you still have a question, then please email us and we will endeavour to get back to you within one working day..

Save up to $1000 on your conveyancing

See how it works!

See how the conveyancing system works.

This DIY service provides you with all of the information, forms and letters to complete a standard conveyance for house, unit land and vacant land. Your NSW contract, searches, stamp duty and other outlays are an additional fee. Lawyer support is available also for an additional fee, if you feel you require it. For more information click on ‘What’s included in the Price?’

Quicklaw Conveyancing (ABN 64 007 327 291),  has been providing DIY online conveyancing services to the Australian public for 16 years. We are not a law firm. The Quicklaw Conveyancing Service is an online service designed by Australian conveyancing lawyers to assist the self acting buyer or seller to complete their conveyance. You can use the information and tools delivered in this service to compete your transaction for yourself.

You have the added security of obtaining support from a law firm registered in Qld and NSW and specialising in conveyancing at any time during your conveyance by using the links in the website. Please note that Lawyer Support is an additional fee.

At this stage Quicklaw Conveyancing Services are only available for Queensland, New South Wales & Victorian property.

If the property that you are transferring is in Queensland then there is a service “ Queensland Transfer” that is specifically tailored to meet your needs.

If however, the property that you are transferring is in New South Wales then there is not presently a Transfer Service that will meet your needs. You will be required to purchase both a sale and purchase service to get all of the information that you require to complete the transaction. This is because the requirements under the New South Wales conveyancing legislation still require that certain levels of disclosure take place even between related parties.

Development of a New South Wales and Victoria Transfer service by Quicklaw Conveyancing is under review.

This service provides you with the information necessary to complete the transfer of Torrens title freehold land. That said if the rural land that you are buying includes the sale of livestock, a transfer of a water licence or other farming type business then the service is not suitable for you and you should seek the services of a solicitor that specialises in that area.

For further details see ‘Is this service suitable for me?’

It is not recommended that this service be used for the purchase of commercial property as it does not address the GST implications of your transaction, nor does it look at the possibility of a business transfer or other ramifications involved with transactions of this nature.

For further details see ‘Is this service suitable for me?’

Most land in Queensland and New South Wales is freehold land, however should the property that you are transferring be leasehold we would recommend that you seek the advice of a solicitor specialised in this area. The Quicklaw Conveyancing Service is not designed to deal with those matters necessary to complete a transfer of Leasehold Land.

For further details see ‘Is this service suitable for me?’

No. The price you pay is service is for the completed conveyance of one property. If you are a Seller and your transaction fails (for instance the Buyer terminates, etc) then you can continue to use the same service to obtain another Buyer and so on until your property settles. This service is current for 6 months from purchase. At the expiration of this time Quicklaw Conveyancing retains the right to terminate your service.

No, once purchased the fees paid for the service are non refundable, and cannot be exchanged for another service. If you are unable to complete your transaction you still have 6 months from date of purchase to use the purchased service for another transaction. If you cannot, then you are able to transfer your service to a friend or relative to use the purchased service for the completion of their conveyance. Should you wish to do this, that party will need to use your username and they will need to change the contact details on the website (using ‘My Account’).

The Quicklaw Conveyancing Service is best viewed using Internet Explorer as your browser however recent upgrades mean
that you can now use Firefox or Google Chrome. Mac users using Safari Browser is not recommended. The navibar, collapsed text and calculators may not work when using other browsers.

There is no hard copy of the service, but you are welcome to print out each screen as you go.

Please note however that the Quicklaw Conveyancing service is fully interactive and delivered entirely on line, with the exception of certain copyrighted documents that are forwarded to you by mail when requested by you. The service is delivered in this manner to ensure that you are getting the most current information as the Quicklaw site is regularly updated as legislative amendments occur. We recommend that you use the interactive pages by regularly accessing the online service. You must have easy access to the internet as you must return to the service several times throughout the conveyancing process.

Legal WillLegal Will

for use Australia wide

Basic Will (Single) $25.00

Basic Will (Couple) 40.00

(includes GST, postage & handling)

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